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Almost every driver in the United States is required by law to carry auto insurance. After an accident, auto insurance can protect you from financial devastation, pay to repair your vehicle and cover your medical expenses.
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The simplest explanation of auto insurance is that it agrees to pay all or part of the costs associated with an accident, theft or other cause of damage to your car. Auto Insurance is a must have as it helps ensure you are financially protected incase of damages to your vehicle, associated medical expenses and damages to third party.  

What are different types of Auto Insurance?

These are the different types of auto insurance coverages you should be aware off

  • Liability: Liability insurance pays to repair damages you cause to other drivers and vehicles. This insurance includes bodily injury and property damage liability. 
  • Collision: This helps you pay to repair or replace your car if you’re in an accident.
  • Comprehensive: Comprehensive coverage is usually optional, and it covers damage to your car that is caused by unexpected events, like windshield damage, fire or accidents with animals.
  • Uninsured motorist: This insurance covers you if you’re in an accident and the driver at-fault does not have liability insurance.
  • Underinsured motorist: Uninsured motorist covers you if you’re in an accident and the driver at-fault does not have enough coverage to pay for damages to your vehicle or your medical expenses.
  • Personal injury protection: This pays for your medical bills if you sustain injuries in an accident, regardless of who is at-fault.

The other type of optional coverages you can have is GAP insurance, Roadside Assistance, Glass Insurance, Mechanical Breakdown,Rental reimbursement & many more.

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Importance of Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is important because it is financial protection in case you get into a car accident and damage someone else’s vehicle or injure them. Auto insurance can also protect your vehicle from damage caused by an accident or a different covered peril, like falling objects, fire, or theft.

If you don’t have auto insurance for you and your vehicle, depending on the state you live in, you could potentially be breaking the law. Driving without insurance could result in fines and license suspension.

Every car insurance policy is actually made up of several different coverage components, all of which provide important types of protection. Each type of coverage is important, however not all coverage components are required by law. Every state has its own rules about how much auto insurance is required. You can choose the right one after consulting with us.

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