How Much Is Enough? Here’s What Your Health Coverage Should Cover In Case Of The Unexpected

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For most people, health insurance is one of those things that you don’t think about until you need it. As with all types of insurance, the key to buying the right coverage for your needs is understanding what kind of protection you are looking for. Health insurance offers a range for various conditions, including maternity … Read more

Is It A Good Idea To Get Life Insurance If You Are On A Budget? 6 Points To Note Before Buying Your Life Insurance Policy

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Life Insurance is one of the most important investments because it protects not only yourself but your loved ones as well, especially when they’re counting on you to meet financial obligations. Unfortunately, although life insurance is an essential part of every family’s financial plan, it is often put on the back burner due to economic … Read more

What is the Best Health Insurance Plan for you? A Guide To The Different Types Of Health Insurance Available In India

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Health is a number one priority for most people, and it is almost always the first thing people think about when they need financial help. Health insurance provides individuals and families with financial coverage to help cover medical expenses. It is an integral part of a person’s life as it provides healthcare and other benefits. … Read more

Health insurance for Senior Citizens

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The demographic that is most susceptible to illnesses and diseases with ensuing expenses is that of senior citizens. As retired individuals experiencing failing health and financial constraints, medical insurance is essential – but obtaining it was almost out of the question in the past. Insurance companies allow renewal only if you have been a policyholder … Read more

How to keep your life insurance payout safe from creditors

MWP Act for Life Insurance

Have you heard about the Married Women’s Property Act in Life Insurance? This article is a must read if you have taken loans and have a possibility of creditors reaching out to your family for loan repayment if something were to happen to you.  MARRIED WOMEN’S PROPERTY ACT (MWP ACT) The Married Women’s Property Act … Read more

13 financial planning mistakes people make. How many mistakes have you made?

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Effective financial planning is more than just accumulating money; It is about building your wealth gradually and consistently and protecting it from any unexpected obstacles that may arise in the future. Here below are some common financial planning mistakes. POOR FINANCIAL PLANNING Many people are more interested in their next holiday than they are in … Read more

The rising cost of medical treatment in India 

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Medical inflation is constantly on the rise in India, despite technological advances that have made specific treatments more efficient. A recent study has found that medical inflation rates are 15% per year overall compared to just 6-7% for average yearly income growth; this rate continues to increase every year with no end in sight!   Several … Read more