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Purchasing a vehicle comes with a lot of peripheral expenses. Taxes, insurance, accessories, etc. While third party insurance cover is mandatory, you should also have a Motor insurance to avoid getting financially ripped in case of a mishap.

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What Is A Motor Insurance

Motor insurance is an insurance policy that covers the policyholder in case of financial losses – resulting from an accident or other damages – sustained by the insured vehicle. A comprehensive motor insurance policy covers damages to third-party and third-party property along with compensating for own losses as well.

According to Sec 146 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is imperative that you purchase motor insurance prior to taking your vehicle out on the roads. Should you not want to buy a comprehensive insurance plan, getting third-party policy coverage is the bare minimum that you are mandated to acquire for your vehicle to ply.

What does Motor Insurance cover?

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Coverage against accident: A motor insurance can give you a coverage against damage happened to your vehicle due to some accidents. You can claim the expenses and save more money.

Coverage against natural disaster: A sudden huge flood can damage your vehicle which will cause you to incur a huge expense. With the motor insurance, you can save few bucks on vehicle repairs.

Legal protection: As having no motor insurance is a violation of traffic laws, it can lead to paying penalties. Hence, it’s important you renew your insurance once it gets expired.

Death Benefits: As third-party insurance is mandatory, the motor insurance can benefit the survivors when an accident results in death.

No Claim Bonus: If you have not made any claims during the policy term, you are eligible for No Claim Bonus upon renewal of the policy. However, you may need to fulfil certain terms and conditions.

Home Insurance

Protecting your home with insurance will give you a sense of security

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance gives you the power to take a step back and enjoy your travel experience.

Fire Insurance

Claim damages done due to fire related insurance

Importance of Motor Insurance

As evident, vehicle insurance has many benefits on offer. Not only it compensates for the damages suffered by your vehicle but also takes of liabilities due to losses suffered by a third-party. It prevents out-of-expenses in getting your vehicle back into shape and gives your family a financial cushion in case of your untimely demise due to an accident. Contact us to get the right insurance cover for your vehicle.


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Bodily injury to others Coverage

Risk Factors

While driving your motorcycle, you may meet an accident and can cause injury to other people involved in that accident

Liability insurance covers bodily injury that you may cause to other people involved in an accident. It will also provide compensation in the event that you cause harm to another person

Property damage to others Coverage

Risk Factors

While driving your motorcycle, you may meet an accident and cause damage to someone’s personal property

Liability insurance covers property damage that you may cause to other people involved in an accident.It will also provide compensation in the event that you cause damage to another person’s property.

Guest Passenger liability Coverage

Risk Factors

You may meet an accident and your co passenger may be injured.

You can get coverage from Guest Passenger Liability where your Motorcycle insurance provides protection in the event that a passenger is injured on your motorcycle.

Insured’s Motorcycle damage Coverage

Risk Factors

You met an accident and your motorcycle is damaged. You are bound to pay for repairing costs to get it back to normal.

Motorcycle collision insurance covers damage to your motorcycle if you are involved in a collision with another vehicle. Your insurance company pays for damages incurred.

Theft Coverage

Risk Factors

Your forgot to lock your motorcycle and the theft stole your motorcycle parked outside your house. You need to pay for legal fees and suffer a huge loss.

Comprehensive coverage pays out to you if your motorcycle is stolen

Fire Coverage

Risk Factors

If there’s fire at your neighbour’s house and your motorcycle parked outside may catch fire and you suffer a loss.

Comprehensive coverage pays for damages caused by an event other than a collision which can include fire.
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