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What is Corona Kavach?

A Corona Kavach Policy is an indemnity health insurance policy specially designed to cover the hospitalisation & medical expenses arising out of Covid-19 treatment. This policy covered pre-post hospitalisation as well as domiciliary expenses, home care treatment expenses and AYUSH treatment incurred by the policyholder in case anyone is tested positive for the Covid-19 disease.A Corona Kavach Policy covers the policyholder for any comorbid medical conditions due to coronavirus during the hospitalization period. Amidst multiple measures and efforts taken by the Indian government, the insurance industry has also come up with various coronavirus specific basic & standard health insurance plans to cover the hospitalisation cost related to the treatment of COVID-19.

What does Corona Kavach cover?

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Benefits of Corona Kavach:

Corona Kavach Policy for COVID-19 comes with certain features and benefits which are mentioned below:

  • Corona Kavach Covid-19 policy covers hospitalization expenses including comorbidities, room rent, nursing & ICU cost, surgeon’s & doctor’s consultation fees etc.
  • Insured people need to pay a premium amount only once while buying the Corona Kavach Policy.
  • Pre and Post hospitalisation expenses are covered up to a defined period of time.
  • Someone taking treatment of coronavirus, certain insurers cover treatment expenses up to a period of 14 days.
  • The policy comes with no capping on the room rent.
  • AYUSH treatment expenses are covered including Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homeopathy.
  • Emergency ambulance cover up to a certain limit is covered.
  • This health insurance plan will be taking care of basic health-related cases of COVID – 19.
  • This will be a standard policy having common wordings throughout the industry.
  • This policy has a tenure of 3 ½ months, 6½ months, and 9½ months, which is 105 days, 195 days, and 285 days respectively.
  • The validity of these guidelines is 31st March 2021.

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What's Covered Under Corona Kavach Health Insurance?

  • Covid Hospitalistaion Expense Cover: This policy is an indemnity-based policy that covers the hospitalisation expenses incurred due to coronavirus treatment.
  • Ambulance Cover: The road ambulance costs are covered while transferring the patient to a hospital up to Rs 2,000.
  • Hospital Cash Benefit: This policy offers a daily cash benefit up to 0.5% of the sum insured as Hospital Cash Benefit up to certain days as mentioned in the policy document.
  • Home Treatment Cover Depending on the condition of the patient, the policy also covers the treatment availing at home for 14 days: Home care treatment is covered in case the patient is availing coronavirus treatment at home.
  • Pre-Hospitalisation Cover: This policy covers the treatment expenses incurred before hospitalisation such as consultation fees, tests, check-ups for a period of 15 days.
  • Post-Hospitalisation Cover: This policy covers the post hospitalisation expenses incurred up to 30 days from the date of discharge.
  • AYUSH Treatment Cover Corona Kavach policy covers AYUSH treatment expenses as well, including Ayurveda, Unani, Sidha, Homeopathy treatment. However, the treatment has to be taken from an authorized hospital.
  • No Deductible: The sum insured can be availed from Rs 50,000 to Rs 5,00,000. However, there are no deductibles.
  • ICU Expense Cover: COVID patients usually need to be admitted in the ICU. The expenses are undoubtedly at the higher side. No worries, the policy covers that as well.
  • No Cap on Room Rent: Some insurers come with no cap on room rent while hospitalised, if opting for a single private room.


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