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Our life revolves around our family. Securing their medical need should always be your top priority. Can you imagine something more important than your family? No, right? Then why let their health, happiness and financial stability be at stake? With the growing risk of diseases and skyrocketing medical treatment expenses, a sound health insurance policy is the shield around your family.

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What Is A Family Floater Plan

A family floater is a health insurance plan that extends the coverage to the entire family rather than just an individual. You can cover your complete family

under a single plan with Family Floater health insurance policy. The sum insured is equally divided among the members. One positive thing is that the premium that you shell out with these plans are lesser

What does Family Floater Plan?

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The biggest perk of a floater is that the policyholder gets to take care of himself and his entire family under one single policy which is quite obviously easier to manage than managing 4-5 individual plans.

When it comes to getting your parents insured, family floater stands out as a much cheaper option than getting a senior citizen health plan.

Floater is a more lucrative option when it comes to features maternity cover

  • Income tax benefits under section 80D
  • It is easier to get your immediate family members, spouse or new-borns, added in a floater
  • In case of younger families, chances of more than one claim are thin. So the member making the claim can avail of a greater sum insured at a lesser cost

Home insurance does not cover everything, no matter what your policy limits are. For this reason, it’s a good idea to customize your policy by having additional coverages to suit your specific situation.

Some of the optional, add-on coverages are Earthquake insurance, Flood Insurance, Replacement cost plus, Other structures insurance, Personal umbrella liability insurance and many more. 

Get in touch with us and we can guide you in choosing the right combination of coverages which suits your needs.

Mediclaim Insurance

Insurance that reimburses your treatment costs in the event of an illness

Unit Linked Health Plan

ULIP - Providing the benefits of both insurance and investment in a single plan

Group Mediclaim

A Health Insurance policy designed for a group of employees working together

Top Up Insurance

Add aditional coverage to your existing policy with Top-Up Health Insurance

Importance of Family Floater Plan

One of the most important responsibilities we take on as adults is the well-being of our families. With the growing cost of healthcare, a global pandemic and other factors weighing in heavily on us, buying health insurance plans for the family has never been more important. 

Medical expenses don’t show up with a warning. Your best bet to avoid spending your hard-earned life savings towards hospital bills is a robust health insurance policy.


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Operations, both major and minor are usually covered by a family floater health insurance policy. However, you should check the list of surgeries covered by every insurance provider

Higher sum insured

Sum insured in a family floater plan is set higher to cover for the entire family. This will ensure that if two people fall ill at the same time, there won’t be a shortage of funds. This is one of the best benefits of family health insurance plans.


This is the per day room/bed charge that one has to pay in case of hospitalization. It is usually one of the biggest heads of expense in case of hospitalization. Fortunately, most family floater plans will cover this cost for you! The best plans will also cover hospital registration, service charges, etc.

Better tax benefits

The family floater plan also gives you tax benefits under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. You can avail deductions up to Rs. 75,000 on your annual income if you include your senior citizen parent or in-laws in your family health insurance plan.

More affordable

A family floater health insurance policy is a lot more cost-effective than an individual policy. These plans usually offer a large sum insured at a much lower premium as compared to individual health insurance plans

Easier to manage

One of the best parts about a family health insurance policy is that it saves the hassle of maintaining multiple policies. It covers your entire family under one policy including the extended family and your in-laws.
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