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Life insurance helps you plan ahead and provide long-term financial security for your family when they would need it most. You can't put a dollar amount on your loved ones, but a suitable life insurance policy can help ensure their future is protected.
Keeping your family financially protected

When it comes down to it, buying life insurance isn’t meant for you — it’s designed to protect your family and loved ones when you’ve passed away. And if you’re responsible for the financial security of a partner, child, disabled loved one or aging parent, life insurance is a smart way to help make sure they’ll have financial security in the future.

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What are the different types of Life Insurance

There are different kinds of life insurance policies, each meeting different needs. The section below illustrates the difference between term life and permanent Life insurance.

Permanent Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

Provides lifetime coverage, if premiums are paid.

Provides coverage for a limited time period (term), if premiums are paid.

Cash value accumulates over time and creates an asset which may be use during your lifetime.

Provides a death benefit, but typically no cash value.

Level premiums.

Initially, less expensive form of life insurance.

Some types of permanent insurance offer flexible premium payments and level or increasing death benefit options.

May be renewable or convertible.

What is importance of Individual life Insurance?

Life insurance is important, as it protects your family and lets you leave them a non-taxable amount at the time of death. This insurance will replace your family income when resources are less so they can maintain their quality of life. It is also used to cover your mortgage and your personal loans, such as your car loan. Your individual life insurance follows you when you retire and you are no longer insured by your employer. 

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