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What is a Tax Saving Scheme? (ELSS)

ELSS funds are equity funds that invest a major portion of their corpus into equity or equity-related instruments. ELSS funds are also called tax saving schemes since they offer tax exemption of up to Rs. 150,000 from your annual taxable income under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act. 

As the name suggests, an ELSS fund is an equity-oriented scheme with a mandatory lock-in period of three years. In recent years, many taxpayers have turned to ELSS schemes to avail of tax benefits. If you invest in ELSS schemes, then you can avail tax exemption of the invested amount up to a limit of Rs. 150,000. Further, the income that you earn under this scheme at the end of the three-year tenure will be considered as Long Term Capital Gain (LTCG) and will be taxed at 10% (if the income is above Rs. 1 lakh).

Features of Tax Saving Scheme

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Benefits Of Tax Saving Scheme


  • Diversification: Most ELSS funds invest across a diverse group of companies ranging from small-cap to large-cap and across various sectors. This allows you to add the element of diversification to your investment portfolio.
  • Low minimum amount: Most ELSS schemes allow investors to start investing with as low as INR 500. This ensures that you start investing without having to accumulate a reasonable investible corpus.
  • SIPs: While you can invest a lump sum amount in an ELSS scheme, most investors prefer the SIP method as it allows them to invest in small amounts and avail tax benefits along with an opportunity to create wealth.
  • Tax Deductions: They offer tax deductions of up to Rs 1,50,000 a year under Section 80C provision.
  • Lock-in period: ELSS funds come with a lock-in period of three years, and there are no provisions to make a premature exit.
  • No Upper Capping: You can invest any amount in ELSS, there is no upper capping, while the minimum investable amount varies across fund houses.
  • Inflation-beating returns: ELSS funds are the only tax-saving investment with the potential to offer inflation-beating returns.
  • Twin benefits: Investing in ELSS funds gives you the twin benefits of tax deductions and wealth creation.
  • The portfolio of an ELSS fund mostly consists of equities, while they have some exposure towards fixed-income securities as well.

Liquid Funds

One of the safest funds that provide a reasonable rate of return

Hybrid Funds

Invests in different asset classes for a diversified portfolio

Gilt Funds

Debt fund that invest in government securities

Equity Funds

Fund that primarily invests in stocks

Importance of a Tax Saving Scheme

There are various tax-savings schemes to help you accumulate wealth over time, such as FD, PPF and NSC to name a few. But the returns offered by these schemes are restricted. This is where ELSS stands out – its returns are generally higher, especially when the markets are on the bullish trend. This, coupled with a lock-in period of just three years, makes ELSS mutual funds the best tax-saving investment option. Even the post-tax returns of ELSS are much more attractive than that of any other tax-saving investment option.

Investing via an SIP is advisable if you are not willing to take higher risk. When you invest through an SIP, you get the opportunity of investing in a fund across business cycles. This helps you get the benefit of purchasing the fund units across market cycles. When the markets are down, you buy more units while you purchase fewer units when the markets are bullish. Therefore, over time, your price of purchase of fund units gets averaged out and turns out to be on the lower side. You will benefit from this when the markets rise as you can realise higher capital gains on redemption.


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