Scared of overspending while shopping online? Try these tricks to avoid it


Online shopping is everywhere! Those who were initially skeptical of shopping online have now begun too. They love the convenience of browsing through different items and making a purchase without having to leave their home. Moreover, it is almost necessary to shop online in the era of covid-19. With social distancing becoming the norm, buying things online has become the easiest way to get what you need. Plus, with so many online shopping websites offering different payment methods, it’s easy to find one that suits your needs. This blog will discuss some tips that need to be taken while shopping online to avoid overspending.

Why worry about Online Shopping?

Most people face a common issue while shopping online – the tendency to overspend. As a result, people get tempted to purchase things that don’t necessarily fall into “essentials,” negatively impacting their budget. So it’s necessary to be mindful of how much you’re spending while shopping online to ensure that you don’t fall into any of the traps that overspending leads to, such as a decrease in saving, reduced purchasing power, and eventual financial instability in the long run. 


Create a budget

Having a budget has always proven to be beneficial. Creating a budget for online shopping is crucial for financial management. Planning a budget helps you understand your income and plan your online expenses accordingly. In addition to assisting in planning, it will also help you track your spending. 

Make a list

It is always helpful to maintain a list of items you need to purchase before shopping. Before browsing through different shops, and websites, make a list of essential things you need. This can be beneficial as it can help you stay true to your list, thereby eliminating unwanted items.

Compare prices

Comparing prices is an essential step towards saving funds while shopping online. Each outlet store could be selling the same item for a different price tag; browsing through these stores before buying the item will help avoid overspending. Therefore, It’s always a wise idea to compare prices before purchasing.

Be careful of sales

“Sales” can be tempting, but it’s important to remember that they might not always be the best deal. Ensure that you do your due research before buying anything on sale. The mere sight of “Offers” and “sales” tempts us to buy more than required. But we need to think and understand the necessity of the item on sale. If the item is not essential, there’s no need to purchase it. 

Payment Methods 

Another method that can help avoid overspending is to avoid using credit or debit cards. When you use this mode of payment, you tend to lose track of your spending. Even though the card issuer allows you to track your spending, you might get so engrossed with shopping that you fail to keep track of the same. To ensure that you keep track of your expenses, paying cash on delivery is a safe payment method. This will help you stay within your budget without overspending.

Social Media

When you’re scrolling through Facebook or any other social media feed, and you come across an advertisement for a product you love, it’s tempting to buy it right away. However, if you’re trying to avoid overspending while shopping online, resist the urge! Only buy things on your shopping list and avoid buying anything out of the way. 


If you are constantly overspending while shopping online, the first thing you can do is turn off your notifications from online shopping apps. This can help divert your mind, making you less likely to give in to your temptation. If that still distracts you, you could uninstall the app and install it when necessary. 

24 Hour Rule

The 24 Hour rule should be taught as a habit that can prove beneficial when managing online shopping in the future. Before you proceed with online shopping, wait for 24 hours before you purchase any item, as it can help you resist the urge of impulsively buying things, giving you time to introspect about essentials you need.

Online shopping is a popular trend that has made purchasing from the comfort of our homes possible, but it has also led to overspending. Most of our budget is affected by this as this could happen to us, so it is vital to develop an effective solution. You can avoid overspending by reforming your spending habits. Conscious effort, time, and dedication will help to stop overspending while shopping online. If you cannot decide on the steps, you can always try some of the techniques mentioned above.